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Commercial Property Insurance in North Carolina

For North Carolina business owners whose companies need commercial property insurance, Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. is the go-to place to meet all your needs. Our experts in Goldsboro, NC understand regulations and can help you assess the best coverage options for your company's buildings, equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventories, business records, supplies, and other physical items. They can put together a reliable commercial property insurance policy for you that guarantees in the event of a disaster or loss that your equipment and belongings will be financially covered.

Commercial Property Insurance may cover two types of property losses:

  • Direct losses may be covered when property is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed.
  • Indirect or consequential losses related to direct losses may also be covered.

Why Do You Need Commercial Property Insurance?

If your company's building or equipment is damaged, burned down, flooded, destroyed by severe weather, or other events out of your control, you may not only lose a valuable piece of property, but also a place to work or store your inventory. Beyond the financial loss of this interrupted business is the possible loss of staff to run your company, sell your product, and service equipment. Additionally, some bills will continue during this time when your business is creating no revenue. For example, you'll probably still need to pay taxes, utilities, phone service, and the cost of any contractual obligations.

Your firm's ability to compete for clients and customers, and to fulfill your obligations to your current customers, could be negatively impacted by theft. Your business could be the victim of an outside theft of equipment or inventory, have propriety records stolen by a competitor, or be affected by the destruction or theft wrought by a disgruntled or desperate employee or ex-employee.

If you’re in need of commercial property insurance, Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. in Goldsboro, NC has the right policies at the right price. These North Carolina insurance experts are your one-stop-shop if you'd like to insure your property and business. Reach out to our agents to have your questions answered and learn how to start a policy today.


Commercial Property Insurance Quotes