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Group Health Insurance in North Carolina

Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. located in Goldsboro, NC knows what is necessary to comply with both state and federal Healthcare Laws. We are aware how important healthcare is to North Carolinians and the importance of good information. We promise to educate those about Group Healthcare Insurance, and we will walk our clients and visitors through the Group Healthcare Insurance rules, especially in these times where changes are being proposed to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Small Employer Group Health Coverage Reform Act

In 1992, North Carolina put into effect the Small Employer Group Health Coverage Reform Act, requiring insurance companies to offer small employers accident and health insurance to small businesses employing one to fifty employees who reside in the insurance company's service area. The Act was passed to change underwriting practices, and improve fairness in the health insurance marketplace.

Individual Insurances Versus Group Insurance

The State's self-employed persons are not guaranteed access to all health insurance plans, while its North Carolinian residents must have an opportunity to purchase plans known as Standard and Basic Health plans without regard to any pre-existing conditions.

State Health Insurance Continuation and Federal COBRA

When leaving an employer for any reason, continued Group Health Insurance coverage is available through Federal COBRA Continuation, or through North Carolina's State Continuation Law. The State Continuation Law allows an "eligible" individual to continue under the employer’s Group Health Insurance for up to 18 months, but Continuation requires the employee to make full payment of premiums.

Federal law permits an employee to use the law, Federal or State, that is more favorable to their situation. North Carolina's Continuation requirements apply to group policies that ensure employees are covered for hospital, surgical, and major medical expenses.

Our agents at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc., located in Goldsboro, NC, are available to answer any questions related to Group Health Insurance. Contact our offices for more information.

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