What is unique about group health insurance compared to other options?

Health insurance continues to be one of the most important forms of coverage that someone in the Goldsboro, NC area can obtain. Businesses all over this area continue to be required to provide health insurance as a benefit to their employees. When an employer is looking for a health insurance option, providing group health insurance is often an ideal option. There are several benefits that come with entering into a group health insurance agreement. 

Shared Risk Pool

One of the advantages of a group insurance plan is that it provides a shared risk pool. Providing health insurance to one person comes with risks that vary considerably based on their age, health factors, and other considerations. This could lead to a wide range of premiums due to these risks. With a group health insurance plan, a whole group of insured individuals will be combined. Collectively, this shared risk reduces risk on a per-person basis. This reduced risk can result in reduced costs for both the employer and employees. 

Provide Consistent Benefits

As an employer, it is very important that you treat all of your team members fairly. When it comes to insurance, a great way that this is done is through group insurance. With a group plan, the coverage you provide will be consistent from one employee to the next. 

Group health insurance offers a variety of benefits to policyholders. If you are looking for a new plan and are in the Goldsboro, NC area, you should reach out to the team with Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. There are many factors to consider as you are looking for this insurance. Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. can help you better understand your needs and options so you can pick an ideal plan. 

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

The main goal of every business person is to make a profit. However, numerous obstacles come in the way of accomplishing this goal. Various risks that affect businesses can cause financial losses and threaten the existence of a company.

For savvy business owners, protecting their investment is a priority. You want to make sure that no matter the challenges you experience, you’ll survive. One of the best decisions you can make to secure your business’s future is to purchase commercial general liability insurance.

Are you a business owner in Goldsboro, NC, and are not familiar with this term? Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. is here to give you a low down on everything you need to know about this insurance.


Commercial general liability insurance protects your business against losses due to financial obligations you’re liable for. If you’ve caused property damage to another person or made an advertising injury, this is the policy to save you from incurring heavy financial losses.

The main goal of this coverage is to protect you against non-professional acts of negligence.

What Does It Cover?

If you’re found liable for certain losses, this coverage will pay for the damages on your behalf. It will also cover the costs of the lawsuit. However, like every coverage, you only get protection for up to the limits of your policy. If the policy amount is not enough to cover the loss, you’ll pay the rest from your pocket.

Commercial general liability will protect you against losses from legal liability after you’ve injured a person or caused property damage to another person. It will also include any injuries to third parties at your business premises caused by your acts of negligence.

Purchase Commercial General Liability Coverage Today

No business should assume the benefits of this coverage. It ensures that your business can survive losses resulting from third-party bodily injury and property damage claims.

If you’ve not purchased your coverage today, what are you waiting for? Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. is a reliable partner in matters of insurance in Goldsboro, NC. We’ll help you through the process of buying insurance.

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What You Need to Know About Property Insurance

Property is one of the few purchases you can make which rarely depreciates. This makes purchasing and owning property a great investment idea. Being a property owner, however, does come with its own set of risks. At Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. serving Goldsboro, NC, we want to help property owners make smart decisions to help protect their investments. Insurance is one of the best ways to protect your investments, but in order to make good insurance choices, you need good insurance information. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about property insurance. 

Why Does My Property Need Protection?

Property can always be thought of as an investment. The value of property almost always goes up over time, which is why this is a smart investment choice. However, if that property is not protected, then you could be at risk. Once you become a property owner, you are then responsible for anything which happens on that property. Certain events could leave you facing financial responsibility. 

If someone is injured on your property, any resulting medical bills would be your responsibility. If the injury turns into a legal battle, you could also be held responsible for any legal fees which result from the incident. A solid property insurance policy, however, will help protect you from these risks. If this type of event takes place, your insurance policy would kick in to pay the expenses. This spares you from this and protects you from possible financial damage. 

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. serving Goldsboro, NC. We will be happy to answer your insurance questions. 

Is home insurance needed in North Carolina?

When you are going to move to Goldsboro, NC it is likely that you will find there are a lot of options for housing. For many that are in this area, owning a property is a good long-term option. Those that are property owners will enjoy a variety of short and long-term benefits. If you would like to be a property owner here, you should consider getting proper insurance for it. There are several reasons why you are going to need a home insurance plan here.

Insurance is Required by Mortgage Lenders

A reason that a lot of people need to get proper insurance for their home is that it is required by mortgage lenders. Anyone that would like to finance the purchase of their home with a bank loan is subject to ongoing insurance requirements. In many cases, the lender will require that you escrow your payments to ensure you stay fully covered.

Insurance is Needed to Protect Home

There are some situations where people will not have mortgage lender insurance requirements. However, having proper coverage should still be considered a necessity. With a home insurance plan, you will be able to protect your dwelling and personal assets while also getting liability coverage. This can make a policy a great investment for you going forward.

As you are looking for a new home insurance plan in the Goldsboro, NC area, it would be a good idea for you to call Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. There are a lot of important choices that need to be made when picking a new policy and Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. can make it easier for you. The team can help you assess all of your needs and options so you can pick an appropriate policy. 

Who would benefit from having a full commercial insurance policy?

The Goldsboro, NC area is a fast-growing part of the country, which opens up a lot of opportunities for small business owners. When you are looking for ways to improve your business here, getting the right insurance coverage in place would be very beneficial. There are several situations in particular when someone would benefit from having a full commercial insurance policy. 

Those Trying to Protect Assets

A situation when someone will benefit from commercial coverage is when they want to protect their business assets. A business will acquire some different commercial assets and inventory to get the company moving in the right direction. All of these assets could be lost if you lose these items due to a fire or other type of loss.

Those Trying to Mitigate Liability Risk

It is also a good idea to get commercial coverage for your business when you want to mitigate liability risk. A business could take on a lot of liability risk on a daily basis when they complete transactions with customers. If someone gets hurt by using something they buy from you, it is possible that your business could be held liable. Fortunately, this risk can be offset if you get a proper commercial insurance policy that also includes liability insurance coverage. 

Business owners all over the Goldsboro, NC area need to make sure that they spend time assessing their insurance needs. Since choosing a policy here is such an important decision, it would be a good idea for you to call Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. The insurance professionals with Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. understand how important and valuable this insurance coverage is. They can then evaluate your company’s insurance needs and help you to pick an appropriate policy. 

What Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

When you have an auto and a home insurance policy, both of these come with various types of coverage included in them. This generally includes some liability protection for you. However, it’s common for these policies to include very little in liability coverage. This can be remedied by getting an umbrella insurance policy. If you don’t have enough liability insurance, call us at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. in Goldsboro, NC to talk to an agent about umbrella insurance. 

Umbrella Insurance

So many people get umbrella insurance policies because it boosts their liability coverage. It will raise your liability coverage in both your home insurance and your auto insurance. Because so many people don’t have enough liability in either of these policies, it’s a smart idea to get an umbrella policy that will boost both of them at the same time. When there is an accident and the first insurance policy, either home or auto, pays as agreed up to its maximum, your umbrella insurance policy would then kick in. It offers a maximum payout that is far higher than your standard home or auto insurance policies. 

Saving Money on Insurance

The reason that many people don’t get more liability coverage on their home and auto policies is that it’s expensive to do so. Getting an umbrella policy costs far less than upping it with those policies. Without it costing too much, you can get much more liability coverage for your own peace of mind and for your future. It can help enough that you likely won’t have to pay out of pocket after your home or auto policy is maxed out on liability.

Get Your Umbrella Coverage

If you need better liability insurance, call us at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc in Goldsboro, NC to make your appointment with an agent. 

What are the benefits of property insurance?

Owning real estate, equipment or other hard assets will require a big investment. For those that are in the Goldsboro, NC area, one of the best ways to protect this investment is by getting a property insurance policy. There are several benefits that come when you do get a property insurance policy. 

Protect Asset

The main reason that anyone should get a property insurance policy is that it can protect their asset. Whether you are buying real estate, equipment, or other important assets for yourself or your business, you will be making a big investment. Similar to any other investment, you should aim to protect it as well as you can. The best way to do this is by getting property insurance as it can mitigate a range of risks including fire, theft, or vandalism. 

Ensures Compliance

Another reason that you should get a property insurance policy is that it will help you remain in compliance. Most of the time, when someone needs to purchase a major asset, they will also take out a loan to finance the purchase. If you are going to finance the purchase with a loan, the lender will want you to get proper insurance as it will ultimately give them more protection as well. If you get a property insurance policy, you can ensure that you remain in compliance with these requirements.

It is clearly very important that you get a property insurance policy if you have a valuable asset. When you are looking for this insurance in Goldsboro, NC, you should call Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. The main reason to call Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. is that they are experienced at providing great service and insurance guidance to their customers. This ensures that you will remain properly covered at all times. 

5 Variables During The Fall Auto Insurance Policy Holders Should Keep An Eye On

Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. proudly serves the Goldsboro, NC community by offering residents multiple insurance policies. We strive to ensure that our clients find the coverage they need to protect the things that they love.

Auto Insurance Variables During The Fall

We are committed to helping drivers in Goldsboro, NC find the insurance coverage that they need to protect their vehicles. Auto insurance covers you in the event that your vehicle is damaged as a result of an accident. As Fall approaches, here are some variables to watch out for that could potentially impact your policy.

Falling Leaves

During the Fall, leaves start to change colors and start going everywhere. During windy days, the leaves may start making a mess on the road, which could potentially cause hazardous driving conditions. During rainy conditions, the combination of a slick road and leaves will impact your vehicle’s traction and potentially cause an accident.

Fading Light

Once Daylight Saving Time Is Over, it’s likely that you will spend more time driving in the dark. Driving in the dark can be much more dangerous than driving at night because of several variables, including altered color recognition and depth perception.


If you are getting an early start by driving in the morning, there may be a high density of fog on several days. Fog can reduce your vision. There is also a chance that other drivers around you may put on their high beams, which can also impact visibility.


As you are driving through different parts of North Carolina during the Fall, you may encounter a deer. Colliding with a deer has the potential to do serious damage to your car, so be careful.

Back To School Traffic

The Fall means that children are heading back to school. Be sure to move cautiously through any school areas. Also, be prepared to deal with some traffic if you are driving on the highway in the morning.

Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. Is Proud To Serve You For more information, visit our website today!

How Group Health Insurance Policies Impact Small Businesses

Based in Goldsboro, NC, Wayne Realty & Insurance CO Inc. assists the community through providing different insurance coverage options. We are committed to helping our clients find the insurance solutions that they are looking for. We have established successful partnerships with several carriers throughout North Carolina.

Group Health Insurance

We are aware of the state and federal health care laws. We strive to use our knowledge to inform people about everything that group healthcare insurance entails. Group health care insurance is a major asset for small businesses.

If you are a small business owner, the policy allows you to cover all of your employees under one plan. The policy comes with unique benefits that are not available in other health insurance policies. Your employees are given a network of doctors that they can choose from to be their primary care physician. The employees are also free to search for a doctor outside of the network if the business chooses a different policy. There are also different metal levels: gold, silver, and platinum, related to the coverage in the policy.

Make sure that you give your employees enough time to look over the policy before making a decision. If you have a diverse workforce, consider choosing a hybrid policy that allows you to meet the needs of every employee. Keep in mind that your employees are still covered for a few months in the event that they leave your business due to North Carolina’s Continuation Law.

Due to the flexibility of group health insurance policies, you have the opportunity to attract and retain high-quality employees by offering them this type of coverage. Not only do you have the opportunity to take care of your employees, but you can also gain an advantage over other small businesses in the industry.

Wayne Realty & Group Insurance CO Inc. Will Help You

If you are a small business owner in Goldsboro, NC, visit our website to learn more information about how we can assist you.

Who needs commercial insurance in Goldsboro?

Those that own or manage a business in the Goldsboro, NC area will have a lot of important decisions to make. One important decision will come when deciding how to insure and protect their business. One great way to do this is with commercial insurance. There are several situations when having this coverage is necessary. 

A Business With Investors and Lenders

One situation when you are going to need commercial insurance in the Goldsboro, NC area is when you have lenders or investors. Commercial insurance provides very valuable protection to a business and could help to keep them solvent. Due to this benefit, any lender or investor is going to want to ensure that you have this coverage as it will protect their investment and collateral. Due to this, most lenders and savvy investors will have specific insurance requirements that need to be met. 

A Business with Employees

You are also going to need to have commercial insurance if you have employees that work for your organization. A business that has a certain amount of employees in North Carolina needs to provide workers compensation insurance. This part of a commercial insurance plan helps to ensure that staff and team members are cared for if they get hurt or sick while at work.

There are a lot of situations when a business owner in this area of North Carolina will need to get commercial insurance for their organization. If you are looking for a new policy and need guidance and support, you should reach out to the team at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. to learn more about how they can help you. The insurance team at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. is available to answer any of your questions and ensure you receive the right coverage for your situation.