Emergency Checklist: The Items Every Auto Owner Should Keep in Their Car

Having the right items in your car can make the difference between life and death if you find yourself in a precarious situation, especially for an extended period of time. To help you prepare for the unexpected, the Wayne Realty & Insurance Co. Inc. team in Goldsboro, NC, has put this checklist of supplies to keep in your vehicle at all times. 

  • First aid kit- Keeping a first aid kit in your vehicle allows you to tend to minor injuries, like cuts and burns, on-site rather than waiting for aid to arrive. 
  • Flashlight and extra batteries- If you break down at night, a flashlight with working batteries can help identify and fix the problem or navigate to the nearest gas station. 
  • Cell phone and car charger- Having a mobile phone and charger ensures you can call or text for help. 
  • Snacks and water- Keeping snacks and drinking water – for both people and pets – can help if you’re stranded for a long period of time without access to food or water. 
  • Jumper cables and, if possible, a jump pack- Having jumper cables will make it easier to get a jump from a friend or family member, and having your own jump pack will allow you to jump-start your dead battery when nobody is available to help. 
  • Blankets, hats, and gloves- Having warm clothes in your car can help you stay warm if you break down or run out of gas during the colder winter months. 

Having adequate auto insurance is another way to prepare for an accident or emergency. The Wayne Realty & Insurance Co. Inc. team in Goldsboro, NC, is here to help with your auto insurance needs.