Is Property Insurance Meant for Both Personal as Well As Commercial Property?

Disaster strikes without warning. It strikes everywhere. For instance, many years ago, a plane emergency landed on I-16 just outside Savannah, GA. A car or a bus could flip over in the green area surrounding a commercial office building. In these cases, you want Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. in Goldsboro, NC, to have your back. Here’s why.

Is Property Insurance Meant for Both Personal as Well as Commercial Property?

Property is property, whether you own, rent, or lease it. The rare business, for example, owns the structure in which it works. That leaves an owner needing insurance on his commercial property. 

What’s meant by "property" is personal North Carolina land, rented or leased, upon which barns, sheds protecting machinery, silos, detached garages, pool houses, and other useful buildings rest. Vandalism, storms, or a vehicle could destroy these. 

Is This Type of Insurance Different from Flood or Disaster Insurance?

Yes. If a house had flood insurance, for example, no other structure on the property would be covered, such as sheds. Property insurance protects various buildings from the vagaries of weather, fire, and other kinds of trouble.

What Does Property Insurance Not Handle?

Typically excluded from property insurance policies are:

    • Money, bonds, bills, food stamps

    • Pets and animals that aren’t stock

    • Trucks, trailers, watercraft, and aircraft

    • North Carolina docks and piers

    • Hay outside the buildings and crops

    • Excavating or grading equipment

Final Thoughts

Property insurance isn’t about the grass but the structures on the grass. Not every insurance policy covers those, but Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. in Goldsboro, NC policies do. Planes have been known to emergency land on wide and empty properties. Ensure yours is covered by dropping in or calling to learn more about it.