Umbrella Insurance: An Essential for Goldsboro Homeowners?

While an umbrella will offer protection from the elements, umbrella insurance plays an even larger role in the lives of Goldsboro, NC residents regarding more worrisome legal matters. At Wayne Realty & Insurance Co. Inc., we pride ourselves on aligning our clients with the best umbrella insurance policies for their needs. Before starting, dispelling some of the most common umbrella insurance myths is important. The following guide will serve as a helpful primer.

Coverage Won’t Be Sufficient

This is, in fact, completely untrue. The coverage an umbrella insurance policy provides is more than sufficient for any needs that may arise. There is no reason to believe you will remain exposed to legal issues that can arise unexpectedly.

Only the Wealthy Require Such Policies

This is also patently false. In a world where lawsuits can occur in many contexts, there is no reason for any potential client to go without umbrella insurance. Accidents and incidents can happen at any time, so having the necessary protection in place before a lawsuit can be filed will provide the policyholder with the necessary peace of mind.

My Current Policy Is Enough

This is an all too common mistake. No, your current auto or home insurance policy will not provide the coverage you need if a lawsuit is filed. When injuries or accidents occur that you are potentially liable for, these policies will not be able to be utilized. A separate umbrella insurance policy is imperative.

With additional questions or concerns, residents of the Goldsboro, NC region are welcome to contact our experienced agents or stop by as soon as possible. Wayne Realty & Insurance Co. Inc. is here to ensure a hassle-free process and provide clients with the information they need promptly and efficiently.