For Property Insurance – What is the Difference Between Open Perils and Named Perils?

Property insurance has some basic concepts that are used to create different types of insurance policies that are distinct from each other. To understand the protection offered by property insurance, it is important to understand the difference between policies based on a legal structure that identifies “named perils” and a policy based on a legal structure with “open perils,” which are covered with exception of exclusions.

Types of Perils

The word “perils” is a legal term for the types of risks. Examples of these risks are damage to a property caused by fire, vandalism, and natural disasters and so forth. When a property insurance policy covers only “named perils,” there is a section in the policy contract that specifies the exact risks, which are covered. If the language describing a specific peril is not in the policy then there is no protection for that risk.

With an “open perils” style policy, all perils are covered except those that are specifically excluded. If a peril is not described in the policy and there is no specific exclusion language for that peril, then the insurance will provide protection.

It is important to carefully read the details of the perils that are covered and the exclusions that are not covered to get a clear idea of the protection offered by a property insurance policy. By carefully checking these details, it is possible to discover gaps in coverage that might need protection with additional insurance.

Understanding Policy Language

This policy language can be a bit tricky to understand and may cause confusion. For example, damage caused by a hurricane may be a covered peril; however, water damage caused by a storm surge that floods the house may be excluded as flood damage.

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