Is umbrella insurance only for the rich?

Umbrella insurance is one of the least understood types of insurance. If you don’t understand what umbrella insurance can do for you and what protections it provides, you aren’t going to feel the need to have an umbrella insurance policy. Many people have the mistaken idea that an umbrella policy is only for the rich, nothing could be farther from the truth. Anyone who owns anything can benefit from an umbrella insurance policy. The experienced staff at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. in Goldsboro, NC will be happy to explain all the benefits that an umbrella policy has to offer. 

If you think about an umbrella and how it protects you from the weather, you have a basic idea of what an umbrella insurance policy can do for you and the assets you have accumulated. Umbrella insurance is an additional liability insurance coverage. It is not a type of insurance that stands by itself. It is in addition to another policy that has liability coverage such as commercial, vehicle, or homeowner. In the event that legal action is filed against you, your original policy will cover you up to its limit and then the umbrella policy will kick in. 

You don’t have to be rich to have assets. If you own a home or have a savings account, you could lose that asset if you are sued and you don’t have enough coverage. Why take the change when an umbrella policy offers affordable protection? 

If you think that you would like to hear more about what an umbrella can do for your peace of mind, give the team at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. in Goldsboro, NC a call and let one of their dedicated employees give you the information you need. As independent agents, they have the ability to offer more choices and find the perfect policy for you at a price you can afford.