When Should I Consider Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial property insurance is not a legal requirement for Goldsboro, NC business owners, but very often, a lender will require you to purchase a policy. Even when this is not the case, there are important reasons to consider opting into this protection. 

Consider Where Your Inventory is Stored

If you house a fleet of machines needed to move stock or perform other tasks, these can be damaged when a storm, high winds, or water damage occurs. In addition, your building may be subjected to a fire or even an electrical surge.

In such an event, your raw materials can be obliterated, taking your ability to earn an income with them, and finished products can also be destroyed. Commercial property insurance gives you some recourse in these situations, and your Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc representative can answer specific questions about what is included. 

Do You Have Visitors?

Depending on your business, you may have customers that enter the premises and that can be subjected to falls, hurting themselves. When this happens, you can be responsible for paying for medical expenses due to injuries and even lost wages.

There are scenarios when you can be taken to court if a reasonable outcome is not achieved. Any accidents involving your equipment can occur, and incidents of this type can be devastating to a business owner. Your reputation is also at stake, and commercial property insurance allows claims to be handled promptly and professionally. 

Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. Can Help

We specialize in personalizing insurance plans to meet our client’s needs, and we work with business owners in the Goldsboro, NC region. Contact us for more information by calling, stopping at our office, or visiting us on the web