How General Liability Insurance Protects Your Small Business

Entrepreneurs love the excitement of creating and promoting a new product as a small business owner. Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. of Goldsboro, NC can help with securing the right amount of general liability insurance for your new business venture. The broadness of the coverage will be based on the businesses’ specific needs. 

Common General Liability Insurance Coverage

All small business owners should have some form of general liability insurance in order to survive in today’s tough marketplace. A policy offers a broad amount of coverage that protects a small business from a number of different risks and obstacles that come with opening your doors to the general public each day.

General liability insurance will cover all legal costs associated with a potential lawsuit. Without the coverage, a final judgment or financial settlement to a civil dispute could cost a large amount of money and force the closure of your business. It’s important to remember that not every general liability insurance policy is absolute. To protect your small business, you will need certain terms in the agreement to gain full coverage. 

Common General Liability Insurance Terms

The most common term of general liability insurance is "third party property" damage claims, which could involve a possible lawsuit for damaging a client’s or customer’s personal property. Often, the unfortunate accident is a result of normal business practices taken by one of your employees. 

Another common term is "regardless of fault" as general liability insurance protects a small business if an individual or employee is injured on the storefront property. Common examples include a customer slipping on a wet floor without any caution signs shown in full view. Or an employee getting injured while executing their job’s daily tasks. General liability insurance coverage will pay for all medical care and either repairing or replacing personal property that was damaged in the process. 

Small business owners are constantly looking at the bottom line and trying to make the best financial decisions for their business. Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. of Goldsboro, NC can create different general liability insurance policies that fits within your businesses’ budget. We want to protect your investment with the best coverage on the market today. Call and let us help.