What Are The Limitation Of Commercial General Liability?

If you are a business owner or in charge of securing insurance protection for a commercial entity, then educating yourself on insurance coverage limits is vital to help you get the insurance policy you need and avoid gaps in coverage that could cause a disastrous situation for the company. When it comes to liability insurance, do you know what is covered and what instances may require additional coverage for protection?

What Does General Liability Cover?

If you purchase general liability insurance for commercial use, it will cover property that is damaged as a result of the company through an error of employees or owners and can cover damages as a result of clients or customers becoming injured on the property or as a result of negligence. This type of insurance does not cover employees who are injured on the job or any other instance where anyone working for or with the company is in an accident or damages property. General liability is designed to protect an entity from being sued by outside sources. Do you think you need liability insurance? You should consult a licensed, experienced agent for more information. 

Working with An Agent 

Insurance agents play a key role in assisting clients with their insurance purchases and helping to prevent coverage errors that can result in losses during a covered event. If you are living in or around the Goldsboro, NC area and want to discover how general liability insurance can offer the necessary protection for your company, you should consult with Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. and let their highly knowledgable agents explain how the coverage works and how much coverage is necessary for your individual situation. 

Don’t guess when it comes to selecting liability insurance. Know what the limits are and how much policy coverage is necessary to give you peace of mind. Residents of Goldsboro, NC should call or stop by Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. and learn more about coverage options.