Emergency Checklist: The Items Every Auto Owner Should Keep in Their Car

Having the right items in your car can make the difference between life and death if you find yourself in a precarious situation, especially for an extended period of time. To help you prepare for the unexpected, the Wayne Realty & Insurance Co. Inc. team in Goldsboro, NC, has put this checklist of supplies to keep in your vehicle at all times. 

  • First aid kit- Keeping a first aid kit in your vehicle allows you to tend to minor injuries, like cuts and burns, on-site rather than waiting for aid to arrive. 
  • Flashlight and extra batteries- If you break down at night, a flashlight with working batteries can help identify and fix the problem or navigate to the nearest gas station. 
  • Cell phone and car charger- Having a mobile phone and charger ensures you can call or text for help. 
  • Snacks and water- Keeping snacks and drinking water – for both people and pets – can help if you’re stranded for a long period of time without access to food or water. 
  • Jumper cables and, if possible, a jump pack- Having jumper cables will make it easier to get a jump from a friend or family member, and having your own jump pack will allow you to jump-start your dead battery when nobody is available to help. 
  • Blankets, hats, and gloves- Having warm clothes in your car can help you stay warm if you break down or run out of gas during the colder winter months. 

Having adequate auto insurance is another way to prepare for an accident or emergency. The Wayne Realty & Insurance Co. Inc. team in Goldsboro, NC, is here to help with your auto insurance needs. 

Why basic auto insurance may not be the right choice for you

You may feel that getting the very least amount of auto insurance you can legally get away with is a good idea. It might be for you, but there is no guarantee that you won’t be sorry if you have an accident. At Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. in Goldsboro, NC, we ask the right questions to determine the right auto insurance for each of our customers. 

In North Carolina, basic auto insurance is liability only. What you must carry is 30/60/25. That means you must have $30,000 in bodily injury coverage for one person hurt in an accident and $60,000 for all injuries related to that accident. You also must have $25,000 in coverage for damage you may do to a property. 

This is enough liability coverage if you don’t have a lot of personal wealth. If you have assets, you may want to consider a higher liability level to protect yourself. Another consideration is whether or not you have a car loan or are leasing your vehicle. You will be required to have collision and comprehensive coverage to protect the car, which is not yours. 

Once you pay off your car loan, you’re not required to have full coverage, but is that a good choice for you? Maybe not. If, like most Americans, you need a vehicle to drive to work, go shopping, and do the activities that are part of our daily lives. If you are responsible for an accident or your vehicle is the victim of a hit and run, would you have the ready funds to make repairs? If the answer is no, you may want to have full coverage. 

Contact Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. in Goldsboro, NC to discuss your auto insurance needs. 

All You Need to Know About Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is what every driver in North Carolina must carry because it is required by law. This means that driving without valid car insurance is illegal. If you are currently shopping for auto insurance but do not know where to start, an insurance company Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. serving clients in Goldsboro, NC, and other nearby towns, prepared a list of things you should know: 

What Should You Know About Auto Insurance? 

  • There are certain factors affecting auto insurance rates. These factors include your driving record, age, credit score, gender, insurance history, location, annual mileage, years of driving experience, claims history, and marital status. 
  • Insurance prices may vary by company. Therefore, experts recommend getting quotes from several companies and compare them in order to make sure that you are buying the most cost-effective insurance plan. 
  • Higher deductibles lead to lower premiums. The deductible is the amount you have to pay out of pocket first before your insurance starts covering. If you pick a policy with a higher deductible, then your monthly insurance payment will be lower. 
  • There may be discounts available. Do not hesitate to ask about discounts. Many insurance companies offer auto insurance discounts that you may be qualified for. 
  • There is a difference between comprehensive and collision coverage. Collision coverage covers damage to your vehicle that occurs as a result of a collision with another car or object. Comprehensive coverage is coverage that provides protection against theft and damage caused by an incident other than a car accident. 

Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc.  – Your Safety On the Road Is Our Priority

If you live in Goldsboro, NC and you are looking for auto insurance for your vehicle, Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. is the right company to contact. We provide different auto insurance options and will help you find a perfect policy. You can visit our website or call us any time – our experienced insurance agents are here for you. 

5 Variables During The Fall Auto Insurance Policy Holders Should Keep An Eye On

Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. proudly serves the Goldsboro, NC community by offering residents multiple insurance policies. We strive to ensure that our clients find the coverage they need to protect the things that they love.

Auto Insurance Variables During The Fall

We are committed to helping drivers in Goldsboro, NC find the insurance coverage that they need to protect their vehicles. Auto insurance covers you in the event that your vehicle is damaged as a result of an accident. As Fall approaches, here are some variables to watch out for that could potentially impact your policy.

Falling Leaves

During the Fall, leaves start to change colors and start going everywhere. During windy days, the leaves may start making a mess on the road, which could potentially cause hazardous driving conditions. During rainy conditions, the combination of a slick road and leaves will impact your vehicle’s traction and potentially cause an accident.

Fading Light

Once Daylight Saving Time Is Over, it’s likely that you will spend more time driving in the dark. Driving in the dark can be much more dangerous than driving at night because of several variables, including altered color recognition and depth perception.


If you are getting an early start by driving in the morning, there may be a high density of fog on several days. Fog can reduce your vision. There is also a chance that other drivers around you may put on their high beams, which can also impact visibility.


As you are driving through different parts of North Carolina during the Fall, you may encounter a deer. Colliding with a deer has the potential to do serious damage to your car, so be careful.

Back To School Traffic

The Fall means that children are heading back to school. Be sure to move cautiously through any school areas. Also, be prepared to deal with some traffic if you are driving on the highway in the morning.

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Does Regular Maintenance Affect the Value of Your Vehicle?

How you care for your vehicle will determine how long it will run efficiently. The agents of Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. are available to help those who live in Goldsboro, NC get the most out of their vehicles. This can be accomplished with proper maintenance and general care of your vehicle. A little TLC will ensure that your car holds its value and offers years of quality performance.

Less Wear and Tear

Regular maintenance involves changing your oil and filters every 3,000 miles. It also means monitoring your coolant level as well as your brake fluid. Pay close attention to your tires to ensure that they maintain proper air pressure. You should also check your air and fuel filters regularly as well.

Better Fuel Economy

Proper maintenance will also help you to maintain the best fuel economy. When your engine runs smoothly and your tires have the proper air pressure, your vehicle will be able to function at its best providing you with the most possible miles per gallon.

Improved Overall Performance

When you take the time to check all of your vehicle’s systems, it ensures that you will get the best possible performance out of your car. Not only will your fuel economy improve, but there will be less wear and tear and fewer malfunctions and break downs.

In Goldsboro, NC, the agents of Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. can offer you sound advice and help you find the proper maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Don’t risk lowering the value of your vehicle! Take the necessary steps to keep it in the best shape possible! Call and speak to an agent today!