What are the Risks of Not Having North Carolina Property Insurance?

Owning a property in North Carolina means that you take on a number of liabilities. If an accident happens on your property, you are responsible for the costs. If bad weather happens to your property, you have to find a way to cover that too. These are just a few examples of the risks of not having North Carolina property insurance.

At Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc., we want Goldsboro, NC residents to be protected from every risk. We can help you to identify your risks, and build the best home insurance policy for your needs.

Legal Costs From General Liabilities 

General liabilities refer to general mishaps that happen with life. Your dog might bite a neighbor, your boss might fall down the stairs at your kids birthday party, a contractor might hurt himself on something in your backyard.

You are responsible for any problems like these that happen on your property. Many of these matters are things that you can control, which is why you are held responsible for them when they happen.

You can submit claims on your home insurance to cover those problems. If the problem is not resolved quickly, you could be sued for any of these things. Your home insurance would cover that to a certain extent.

Acts of God and Other Matters

Your home is a building that is susceptible to a number of other risks that you can not control. That includes:

• Fallen objects such as trees and other matters
• Fire
• Earthquakes
• Floods
• Hurricanes
• Hail
• Power outages
• Wildfires

These are just a few of the many risks that come with homeownership. North Carolina home insurance can help you with all of these things.

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When you own a home, you are buying into a dream, but it’s a dream that comes with a lot of big responsibilities. That is what home insurance is for. At Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc., we want Goldsboro, NC homeowners to have every risk covered. Call us for a quote today.