5 Variables During The Fall Auto Insurance Policy Holders Should Keep An Eye On

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Auto Insurance Variables During The Fall

We are committed to helping drivers in Goldsboro, NC find the insurance coverage that they need to protect their vehicles. Auto insurance covers you in the event that your vehicle is damaged as a result of an accident. As Fall approaches, here are some variables to watch out for that could potentially impact your policy.

Falling Leaves

During the Fall, leaves start to change colors and start going everywhere. During windy days, the leaves may start making a mess on the road, which could potentially cause hazardous driving conditions. During rainy conditions, the combination of a slick road and leaves will impact your vehicle’s traction and potentially cause an accident.

Fading Light

Once Daylight Saving Time Is Over, it’s likely that you will spend more time driving in the dark. Driving in the dark can be much more dangerous than driving at night because of several variables, including altered color recognition and depth perception.


If you are getting an early start by driving in the morning, there may be a high density of fog on several days. Fog can reduce your vision. There is also a chance that other drivers around you may put on their high beams, which can also impact visibility.


As you are driving through different parts of North Carolina during the Fall, you may encounter a deer. Colliding with a deer has the potential to do serious damage to your car, so be careful.

Back To School Traffic

The Fall means that children are heading back to school. Be sure to move cautiously through any school areas. Also, be prepared to deal with some traffic if you are driving on the highway in the morning.

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