When is Home Insurance Required in North Carolina?

Those that live in the Goldsboro, NC area should consider purchasing a home to live in. There are many long-term benefits that come when you own a property in this town. If you are going to purchase a home, you should carefully consider your home insurance needs. There are several situations when having home insurance will be a requirement for you to carry. 

When you Have a Loan

One situation when having home insurance is required for your Goldsboro, NC area home is if you have a loan out against the property. A home insurance policy is important for anyone as it will ensure you have the ability to rebuild or replace your home if it is severely damaged. In some situations, it can also be used to pay off the mortgage. Due to this, your lender will require that you have home insurance to ensure the collateral is protected. 

Association Rules

Another situation when you may be required to have home insurance is if you live in a home association. Most home associations have some stipulations that require you to have home insurance. The home associations may want you to have this because it will ensure you can rebuild your home if it is damaged or covers a claim if you were negligent and cause damage to another person’s property.

There are many reasons why someone in North Carolina will want to have home insurance. If you believe that you need to have insurance on your home, you should contact the team at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. for your insurance needs. The insurance professionals at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. can evaluate your needs and help you to find a policy that provides you and your home with the right protection. 

For Property Insurance – What is the Difference Between Open Perils and Named Perils?

Property insurance has some basic concepts that are used to create different types of insurance policies that are distinct from each other. To understand the protection offered by property insurance, it is important to understand the difference between policies based on a legal structure that identifies “named perils” and a policy based on a legal structure with “open perils,” which are covered with exception of exclusions.

Types of Perils

The word “perils” is a legal term for the types of risks. Examples of these risks are damage to a property caused by fire, vandalism, and natural disasters and so forth. When a property insurance policy covers only “named perils,” there is a section in the policy contract that specifies the exact risks, which are covered. If the language describing a specific peril is not in the policy then there is no protection for that risk.

With an “open perils” style policy, all perils are covered except those that are specifically excluded. If a peril is not described in the policy and there is no specific exclusion language for that peril, then the insurance will provide protection.

It is important to carefully read the details of the perils that are covered and the exclusions that are not covered to get a clear idea of the protection offered by a property insurance policy. By carefully checking these details, it is possible to discover gaps in coverage that might need protection with additional insurance.

Understanding Policy Language

This policy language can be a bit tricky to understand and may cause confusion. For example, damage caused by a hurricane may be a covered peril; however, water damage caused by a storm surge that floods the house may be excluded as flood damage.

It is best to work with your insurance agent at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. serving Goldsboro, NC and the surrounding area to understand what perils are named in the policy, what the exclusions are, and the extent of the meaning of the legal language.

Contact your agent at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. in Goldsboro, NC by calling 919-735-1341 to get a quote for property insurance.

Why Should I Get Home Insurance?

Buying a home can be a great idea for someone that is looking for long-term investment and property to live in. When you are going to purchase a home, you should consider getting a quality home insurance policy. There are several reasons why you should get home insurance on your property. 

Protect Yourself

The primary reason why you should get home insurance for your property is that you want to protect yourself. Buying a home in the Goldsboro, NC area is a big investment. Along with that investment, you need to do everything you can to protect yourself and your asset. A full home insurance policy will provide you with a lot of different types of coverage that will protect your home, personal belongings, and give you peace of mind through a liability insurance policy. 

Legal Compliance

Another reason why you should get home insurance is that it will provide you with legal compliance. When you purchase a property and take out a loan the lender will likely require that you carry a quality home insurance policy at all times. Additionally, if you purchase in a condo development, you may need to carry home insurance as well. Having a policy will ensure you are in compliance with these legal requirements. 

If you want to get a home insurance policy for your home in the Goldsboro, NC area, you should speak with the team at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. when starting your search. Picking the right home insurance policy can be quite complicated. When you work with the team at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc., the entire process can be much easier. They can help you to better understand your home insurance needs and help you get into a great policy. 

Home Insurance and Alarm Systems Provide Total Protection

Are you looking for additional ways to protect your home in the greater Goldsboro, NC area?

The team at Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. are here to help you find the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you, your family, and your home are fully protected! A top-rated alarm system can protect your family and also have a positive effect on your homeowner’s policy. Consumers who opt for the full protection of a state of the art alarm system as well as the appropriate coverage provided by a comprehensive home insurance policy, have a lot less to worry about when keeping their families safe!

Why You Need an Alarm System

Today’s alarm systems allow you to monitor your home remotely, whether you are at work or on an extended vacation. These systems also protect you and your family from unseen dangers like carbon monoxide and smoke. If you want to sleep soundly, having an alarm system in addition to your home insurance policy will do the trick! In the unfortunate event that there is a fire or burglary at your home and you are unable to call for help, your alarm system can notify the proper authorities for you. Cameras, motion detectors, sensors, and protection from smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide are included in today’s most basic systems which can even be self-installed. Don’t let your family be at risk to a home break-in or other disaster that can be prevented by an alarm system. And in the event that the unspeakable does happen, your insurance agent will be by your side throughout the claims process.

Interested in learning more about your home insurance options in the greater Goldsboro, NC area? Contact Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. today!

What Is A Floodplain and Why Does It Affect Your Insurance?

At Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. residents who live in the Goldsboro, NC area can find the perfect property and buy the insurance they need to protect it at one convenient location. As realtors, we can quickly identify properties that are located in floodplains. We can also stress the importance of flood insurance to the potential home buyer. Flooding causes millions of dollars of damage each year to homes and businesses all over the country. Many of them do not have the proper insurance. A home insurance policy will not always cover the effects of water damage or flooding.

What Is A Floodplain?

A floodplain is any land near any body of water, river, stream, or waterway that can flood if the area gets too much rain. Floodplains are often low-lying areas that tend to fill with water rather quickly once the ground becomes saturated. A floodplain can extend several miles away from the original water source. All of the homes within this area can expect some degree of damage if flooding occurs.

When Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Any time you build a home or any type of building on land that is within a designated floodplain, it’s vital that you purchase the appropriate insurance. Without the right amount of coverage, you could experience a devastating financial loss if the area becomes flooded and your building receives extensive damage.

If you live in or near Goldsboro, NC and are unsure if your property lies in a floodplain, call the agents of Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. today. The agents can determine if there is a floodplain near your property and if so, how much insurance you should have in place to adequately protect your home and property.



What To Avoid When Buying A Home Insurance Policy

Purchasing a home insurance policy it’s not easy especially with the standards set by the typical policy, the insurance types to choose from, and the insurance companies involved. This can be a little confusing, and it allows you to commit mistakes if you purchase the insurance without getting the proper information. As much as it is a complicated process getting a home policy, it is important that you buy one so you can keep your family and home safe. If you reside in Goldsboro, NC, you can visit Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. to help you with the process of picking a home insurance policy. Below are some of the things you should avoid when purchasing a home policy.

Shopping around before you buy the policy

The most common mistake consumers commit is failing to shop around before settling on one insurance company. You should get different quotes from different insurance providers, then settle on the one that is fair regarding interest rates, handling policy claims, and the standards for the policy. This will save you money and give you peace of mind.

Failing to understand the policy executions

This is the worst mistake a consumer can make. If you do not understand your policy executions, you end up paying for things that the insurance should cover. You should know perils that the insurance covers and the ones that are not included. Things like fire should be covered by the home insurance policy, but if you do not understand the executions, you end up paying for the damage caused by a house fire. It is essential that you ask your policy provider to explain their executions clearly before you buy the home insurance.

For the people living in Goldsboro, NC, the good news is that Wayne Realty & Insurance Co., Inc. can provide you with all the information. Reach out to our agents to learn more about a home insurance policy.