Understanding Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Small business owners sometimes do not protect themselves with commercial vehicle insurance, relying instead on their personal insurance coverage. However, this can be a critical mistake if you or an employee has an accident while driving for a work-related purpose. To avoid this mistake, allow the Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. team, serving Goldsboro, NC, to create a commercial vehicle insurance plan that meets your business’s needs.

Commercial Versus Personal Vehicle Insurance

North Carolina has specific requirements for commercial truck insurance, but we will not cover them here. Instead, we’ll focus on the insurance needs for light vehicles.

Commercial vehicle insurance policies include many of the same components as those for personal vehicles, including bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury and medical payments, and other elements. However, while they appear similar on the surface, personal insurance policies do not cover claims if you or an employee has an accident while driving a vehicle for a business purpose. Commercial vehicle insurance policies also carry high liability limits to protect your business should the unforeseen occur.

This situation makes it critical to understand that only a commercial vehicle policy will cover vehicles:

  • Owned by the company or driven for work purposes by you or an employee
  • That transport goods, tools, or people for work

If your company’s vehicle usage matches those situations, you need commercial vehicle insurance to protect you and your business correctly.

Working with Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc.

Wayne Realty & Insurance Co Inc. proudly serves Goldsboro, NC’s personal and business communities. Our commercial insurance experience means we can structure policies to protect your business and livelihood against unforeseen events. Call or stop in today to discuss your commercial insurance needs and options.